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Few Words About Us

HELLAS COTTON S.A. was founded in 1997. The company produces and sells knitted textile fabrics. The development of the company was significant since its sales from 2.820.000€ in 1997 reached 8.520.000€ in 2007. This success is basically a result of strategic choices in the area of human resource, facilities, equipment as well as of the main priorities of the company including high quality, production and competitive prices.

Today HELLAS COTTON S.A. is one of the largest companies in the area of knitted textile and continues to invest significant amounts each year for the improvement of the quality of its products, the design and creation of new products and the reduction of the production cost.

President of the company is Mr. Nikos Theodoridis.


The name of HELLAS Cotton is associated with the most famous clothing production company names sportswear and casual wear.

Modern Facilities

Our facilities cover a total area of 6,800 sq.m.
offer some of the most modern machines in our industry and we are able to produce high quality fabrics.

Integrated Quality

Our company is ISO certificate for the quality of our products and the production process.
Also have ecological textile certification.

Quality is our trade mark.

Quality is our trade mark. In order to ensure the highest possible quality of our products we have developed an internal mechanism for quality control from the initial stages and the raw material through the finalized product. The selection of our providers is done through very strict criteria and their products should follow all international quality standards.

In order for each thread to be put in the production line, it has to go through all necessary controls at our fully equipped laboratory where we count the threads' thin and thicks, neps, twist, strength, pilling and humidity. Only if the thread successfully passes all controls it is put into production line.

With the beginning of the production line we begin the controls to ensure high quality of all textiles. The first is a visual control and is done during the production stage on the machine. A second stage follows in special machinery (Calador, Daroitex) operated by highly trained staff.

The third stage of control is done with the cooperation of dye works on already dyed textile and includes measurements of dimensional stability after wash, spirality, pilling, color endurance during and after washing, light and dry and wet rubbing.

Additionally, our company has completed the acquisition of various quality certifications for manufacturing eco textiles

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